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Throughout the Serchio Valley, the Garfagnana, and the Lucca Province, you can spend years exploring and not visit the same place twice. There are abundant outdoor activities for the naturalist or adventurer and sights of histroic and artistic interests for the connoisseur or novice. The opportunities for a day, a week, or a month are amazing and endless.

The principal towns of the Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana are well-connected by train and bus. Do keep in mind that many points of interests are only reachable by car.


Museum of Plaster Figurines - Coreglia Antelminelli
Lu.C.C.A. (Lucca Center of Contemporary Art) - Lucca
National Museum of Palazzo Mansi - Lucca
Archaeologoical Museum of Villa Guinigi - Lucca
Cathedral Museum - Lucca
Puccini's Home - Lucca
Lucca Comics Museum - Lucca
Puccini Family Home Musuem - Pescagllia
Pinocchio Museum - Pistoia
Rural Museum of the Chestnut--Colognora


Ponte del Diavolo (medieval bridge) - Borgo A Mozzano
Parco Naturale dell'Orecchiella (natural park & preserve) - Garfagnana
Grotta del Vento (cave) - Vergemoli
Orrido di Botri (canyon) - Ponte a Gaio
Lago Vagli (submerged village) - Vagli
Ermita di Calomini (hermitage) - Vergemoli
Fortezza delle Verrucole (fortress) - San Romano
Ponte delle Catena (chain bridge) - Fornoli
Terme Bagni di Lucca (baths) - Bagni di Lucca
Chiesa di San Petro e Paolo (medieval church) - Ghivizzano
Duomo di San Martino (cathedral) - Lucca
Chiesa di San Michele (historical church) - Lucca
Basilica di San Frediano (Romanesque church) - Lucca
Chiesa di San Francesco (historical church) - Lucca
Duomo di Barga (cathedral) - Barga
Chiesa di Maria Assunta (church) - Loppia
Le Mura (fortification walls) - Lucca
Orto Botanico (botanical gardens) - Lucca
Parco Alpi Apuane (natural park & preserve) - Garfagnana
Teatro dei Differenti (live theater) - Barga
Teatro del Giglio (live theater) - Lucca


Bagni di Lucca - Wednesday
Barga - Saturday 
Castelnuovo Garfagnana - Thursday 
Fornaci di Barga - Friday
Ghivizzano - Tuesday 
Lucca - Wednesday and Saturday


Lucca - 3rd Sunday of the month
Barga  - 2nd Sunday of the month


Abetone, Bagni di Lucca, Barga, Borgo A Mozzano, Calavorno, Camporgiano, Cardoso, Castelnuovo di Garfagana, Castiglione di Garfagana, Coreglia Antelminelli, Diecimo, Fornaci di Barga, Fornoli, Galllicano, Gioviano, Gromignana, Lucca, Lucchio, Lucignana, Montefegatesi, Motrone, Pescaglia, Piano di Coreglia, Piazza al Serchio, Pisa, Ponte A Serraglio, San Romano, Tereglio, Vergemoli, Viareggio, Vitiana


Grapes - September thru October
Olives - November thru January
Truffles - October thru November
Chestnuts - October thru December


Walking, Trekking, Biking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Snow Skiing, Canoeing, Rappelling




Festivals & Events

Throughout the year, festivals, fairs, and concerts welcome visitors. Be sure to include one or more in your travel plans. Below are some of the more popular festivals and events.

Check the Internet for more details and exact dates.


  • Festival of Epiphany - Throughout Italy
  • Regatta on the Arno - Florence
  • Winter Festival - Lucca


  • Carnival - Viareggio
  • Chocolate Festival - Florence


  • Easter Festivals, Throughout Italy
  • Truffle Festival - Cigoli
  • Venice Carnival - Venice
  • Cakes and Sweets Festival - Florence


  • Festival of the Azaleas - Borgo a Mozzano
  • Easter Week Festivals - Throughout Italy
  • Festival of Sacred Music - Lucca
  • Scoppio del Carro- Florence


  • Pinocchio's Festival - Pescia
  • Festival of the Cricket - Florence
  • Medieval Festival - Barga
  • Tuscany Walking Festival - Castelnuovo Garfagnana
  • Musical May Festival - Florence
  • Cherry Festival - Pisa


  • Feast of St. John - Lucca
  • Battle of the Bridge - Pisa
  • Festival of San Ranieri - Pisa
  • Summer Saracen Festival - Arezzo
  • Saint John's Festival - Florence
  • Academy Music Festival - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  • Festival of the Republic - Throughout Italy


  • Barga Opera Festival - Barga
  • Summer Music Festival - Lucca
  • Medieval Parade - Lucca
  • Medieval Parade & Jousting Tournament - Pistoia
  • Historical Regatta - Livorno
  • Fish and Chips Festival - Barga
  • Beer Festival - Borgo A Mozzano
  • International Folklore Festival - Camporgiano
  • Medieval Festival - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  • Palio Horse Race - Siena


  • Barga Jazz Festival / Jazz in the Piazze - Barga
  • Medieval Festival - Volterra
  • Sagra della Trippa - Ghivizzano
  • Beer Festival - Castlenuovo di Garfagnana
  • Puccini Opera Festival - Viareggio


  • Festival of the Lanterns - Florence
  • Fall Saracen Festival - Arezzo
  • Medieval Festival - Siena
  • Venice Film Festival - Venice
  • Santa Croce Festival of LIghts - Lucca
  • Murabilia Garden Show - Lucca
  • Fagioliadi Slow Foods Exhibition - Capannori


  • Lucca Comics & Games - Lucca
  • Wine Festival - Riana
  • Euro-Chocolate Festival - Perugia
  • Chocolate Festival - Montecarlo
  • Feast Of The Thrush / Archery - Montalcino


  • Festival of the White Truffle - San Miniato
  • IL Desco (Wine and Olive Oil) - Lucca
  • A Night At The Opera - Lucca
  • Chestnut Festival - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  • Puccini Festival - Lucca
  • Lucca Digital Photo Festival - Lucca


  • Live Nativity and Medieval Festival - Ghivizzano
  • Artisan Christmas Market - Florence
  • Arts and Crafts Festival - Lucca
  • German Christmas Market - Florence
  • Sweets and Desserts Fair - Prato
  • Christmas Festivals - All of Italy




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